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I got home late last night. Teri, my sister in law, was in the living room entertaining Bob and Brenda whom she invited over for drinks. The three of them had about an hour and a half head start on me so they were in the partying mood. I said my hello’s, threw my suit jacket over a chair, loosened my tie then walked to the wet bar to fix myself a stiff drink. I had an open view from the wet bar into the living room so I took a seconds to observe what was going on. Bob was sandwiched between the two girls on the couch. Brenda with her feet propped up on the ottoman next to Bob’s, had both her hands resting on bob’s thigh that was closest to her. Teri, with her body twisted towards Bob, heels off and her feet up on the couch, held a wine glass in her left hand and her right arm was on the top of the couch’s backrest with her fingers strumming the back of Bob’s neck. Bob’s right hand was resting on Brenda’s left upper thigh and his right hand was on Teri’s left upper thigh. The quick snapshot indicated where the course of the evening was heading. I sat down on the lounge chair directly across from the three of them. I decided to watch the situation unfold while I wound down. Teri, as one would expect initiated the first advance. She placed her glass on the end table. With her hand freed up she used it to unbutton Bob’s shirt then placed her hand inside it to rub his chest. She leaned closer to Bob. Her tongue played with his ear. Seduction is can be compared to a game of chess but with a different sequence to accommodate three players. I picked Brenda to be second and she was. Her hand slid up bob’s thigh then over to his crotch then she began to knead the bulge. Teri’s hand slowly worked its way down to Bob’s stomach then waist. She unfastened Bob’s belt and unhooked the button to Bob’s trousers. Brenda pulled down the zipper then reached into Bob’s trousers and pulled out his cock which by medical standards was average in length and girth. Brenda and Teri began to caress. It was a good breaking point for me to refill my glass. I brought the bottle and ice with me when I returned. In the short period of time Bob was fully erect. I was a bit aroused. It had been awhile since I was an observer so as one could imagine the lack of participation is a different type of stimulation. I sipped my drink. Brenda held Bob’s shaft upright inviting Teri to go down on him first. Teri slid off the couch, knelt down next to Bob’s legs, lowered her head and took him in. Brenda released her grip on Bob’s shaft and redirected her manual efforts to his testicles. Bob’s expressions indicating he didn’t possess enduring stamina. Brenda kept a watchful eye. She relayed to Teri the appropriate time to cease her oral manipulation. Teri stood up, grabbed her glass then pounded down her drink. She didn’t sit down next to Bob. Instead she made her way to Brenda’s side. Brenda’s occupation was to keep Bob hard. She did so by stopping and restarting her strokes on Bob’s shaft, squeezing his balls and intermittently sucking the head of his cock. Teri kisses pushes the hair away from Brenda’s neck and proceeds to plant kisses. Brenda momentarily stops fondling Bob. She pulls her top over her head. Teri reaches around Brenda’s torso to grope Brenda’s 34B’s. I toss a few cubes into my empty glass then fill it to the brim. My arousal is heightened to where some hardness begins to settle in. It is a pleasurable torture for Bob. The only thing on his mind is the releasing of his load which neither girl will allow. Brenda’s nipples are fully excited. They are extended, hard and fat. She stops seducing Brenda’s tits. She stands up then pulls her dress off. Brenda follows suit by standing next to Teri and pushing her skirt down. Brenda and Teri embrace. Bob is left unmonitored to stroke his own meat. The two girls sensually caress each other as women do. Their emotions seem to transcend to their fingers. Brenda sneaks a quick glance towards Bob who has increased the speed of his strokes. Reluctantly she breaks the embrace with Teri knowing that Bob has now passed the point of no return. She shoots him a disapproving glare then looks at Teri pleading smile. Teri, with Brenda kneeling next to Bob and holding his erect shaft, steps between Bob’s legs , lowers while Brenda guides Bob’s cock into Teri’s hot ass. Bob reaches around and latches onto Teri’s awesome big tits. Teri lowers all the way. She easily takes Bob’s hard length into her ass. Seated on Bob’s lap with his cock inserted Teri spreads her legs and Brenda kneels with her hips to each of Teri’s knees. Brenda kisses Teri’s pussy. She licks the outer lips then Brenda becomes involved. She ravages Teri’s pussy with her mouth and tongue. Teri’s squirming is more than enough stimulation for Bob. She calmly informs Brenda that Bob’s cream is heating the inside of her ass. This news ignites Brenda. She escalates her loving cunnilingus. Teri describes to Brenda the feeling of Bob’s wilting shaft. Brenda, now savagely, eats Teri’s cunt for redemption to Bob’s premature ejaculation. Teri’s gyrations become aggressive and her spastic anal muscles eject his limp dick. Bob pulls and stretches Teri’s nipples causing her to wail. Brenda lifts her head from Teri’s cunt. She pushes Teri’s legs apart and orders Bob to hold Teri’s legs split. Brenda easily inserts four fingers into Teri’s cunt. She demands Bob to hold Teri still then Brenda unapologetically forces her entire hand and a portion of her forearm into Teri’s soaking cunt. Teri cries out. Bob verbally degrades Teri calling her a fucking whore and telling her she deserves what she’s getting as punishment for his early release. Brenda says nothing. She’s driving her fist in and out of Teri’s willing cunt. I’ve bypassed my glass and now drinking straight from the bottle. Teri is screaming at Brenda to make it hurt. Bob continues his verbal assault and he sporadically stingingly slaps Teri’s nipples. Teri succumbs to Brenda’s charms. Clumps of white cream percolate out of Teri’s violated cunt. Brenda pulls back her arm and I watch the extraction which leaves Teri’s opening gaped. Brenda, with a bit of energy left takes Bob’s limp dick into her mouth in a last attempt for rejuvenation. Bob pushes Teri from his lap. He stands up, Grabs Brenda by the hair to hold her head still and vigorously fucks her mouth with his anally creamed flaccid cock. Teri lies on the couch with her legs spread wide soothing her pained cunt with the palm of her hand. Bob reaches the pinnacle once again and as before too soon for Brenda. His second load empties in her mouth. He collapses to the couch. Brenda turns to me. I’m fully clothed sitting in the lounge chair with a third filled bottle of scotch. It is plainly visible I enjoyed the activity. My trousers are bulging. Brenda walks to me. She places her hands on my shoulder to balance herself for the mount. I didn’t give Brenda notification. I shoved the neck of the scotch bottle into Breda’s unsuspecting horny cunt. The surprise took Brenda’s breath away. I didn’t stop there. I sat forward in the lounge, and captured Brenda’s waist with one arm. I began to force the body of the scotch bottle inside her. Brenda screamed from the terrible suffering. She punched at my head, shoulders and back and managed to escape. I was on her in an instant tackling her to the floor. Teri, seeing Brenda strong resistance came to my aid. She sat on Brenda’s chest. I ordered Bob to help and had him pull Brenda’s arms towards him. The rest was easy. I raised both of Brenda’s legs and placed them under Teri’s armpits. Brenda was now immobile and completely vulnerable. I picked the scotch bottle back up. I shoved the neck into Brenda’s cunt then with force I proceeded to push the body of the bottle into Brenda’s very frightened pussy. Her screams were piercing and blood curdling. The process was of watching Brenda’s cunt stretch beyond its capability, hearing her volatile screams and watching the bottle’s body slowly disappear was tremendously arousing. I had to stop for a few seconds to pull my cock out from my trousers because it was so hard and suffocating from captivity. I could go no further with the bottle. Half the body was stuffed into Breda’s cunt. . I fucked or better said I raped Brenda with the scotch bottle. She screamed at the top of her lungs through the entirety. Brenda’s orgasm was explosive. Even Teri who is adept to such episodes of pleasure was impressed. When I pulled the scotch bottle out of Brenda’s cunt a flooding of pearly white cream ensued. Totally spectacular! Teri let go of Brenda’s legs got off of rose off her chest. Bob let go of Brenda’s arms. Brenda curled up in a ball and was weeping. The cream was still oozing from her pussy. Bob snuggled up to his fetal wife. He inserted his cock into cunt. It was so expanded and pained Brenda didn’t feel a thing. I picked up the scotch bottle covered with Brenda’s lust potion took a long swig then handed it to Teri who did the same. Bob was trying to console his wife with his average sized dick. Teri held up the empty scotch bottle. She licked some of Brenda’s juice from the glass.
* * *
The young girl’s It’s been a long time since I’ve reported anything on my scintillatingly dysfunctional existence. Is that an oxymoronic statement? I don’t know where I’ve left off. I never read my own postings unless someone refers back to them in a reply which doesn’t happen often. Well enough with the preamble and on to a day in the life of “I AM MAN”!

I spent a week at quaint bed and breakfast on the outskirts a small town in the Smokey Mountains. It was run by a very nice geriatric couple with support from their granddaughter. I was there for relaxation sprinkled in with a little hunting and fishing. I awoke one morning and walked down the hallway to the bathroom to shower and shave. While I was applying the shaving cream I looked out the window and saw the old lady pointing out something to her granddaughter as they stood at the edge of the flower garden. They were some distance away considering I was on the 3rd floor of the renovated historic house but not far enough away that I couldn’t tell that the young granddaughter possessed a fine as she bent over a plucked a flower out of the garden for her grandmother. I finished up, dressed then gathered my fishing gear. The old man was waiting for me downstairs. He was going to show me his favorite fishing hole in a stream which was only a few hundred yards from his house. It took a awhile. The old man walked at a snails pace through the path that cut through the woods but eventually we made it to the stream. We fished. I listened to his stories. All in all it was a good time. The old man quickly tired and found a spot on the stream bank to sit. I made my way upstream. It was peaceful and quiet. The only sounds were those of chirping birds and squirrels rustling the branches of various trees. Not too far in the distance I saw what looked to be wild grapes. I placed my pole down and went to check it out. I picked a few grapes. They actually tasted pretty good. I heard some rustling just over the knoll. I thought maybe it was a bear cub or something feeding on the grapes so I cautiously went to investigate. It wasn’t a bear cub prowling in the woods it was the young granddaughter carrying a bucket and plucking grapes. I decided not to intrude and I stayed out of sight. Once the granddaughters bucket was filled she made her way in my direction towards the stream. I concealed myself behind a tree. When the granddaughter reached the streams edge she set the bucket down then to my surprise and delight the young girl removed her clothes and waded into the stream. She submerged herself in the cool water then floated around for a few minutes before returning to the bank. The granddaughter then found a mossy area beyond the rocks. She laid there to let the sun could dry her flesh. The view I had was obstructed by plants and branches so I circled through the woods for a better vantage point. I found one at the top of a small ravine where I could look down on the young maiden. As I sat there covertly watching the granddaughter I was wondering why I hadn’t noticed how beautiful this young girl was. Yes her being naked probably did influence my perception however the shapeliness and maturity of her body had somehow previously escaped my notice. My mental attention quickly refocused when my eyes saw the granddaughter’s right hand begin to massage one of her young breasts. Her action was causation for me to readjust my livening manhood. Moments later the granddaughter’s left hand began to show loving favor to her other full young breast. There was no use trying to restrict my pleasure. I unfastened my pants, pulled down my zipper then pulled my manhood from its captive state. The granddaughter massaged her young full bosoms and tugged at their protrusions. I kept my eyes focused while my right hand gripped my thick shaft and roamed up and down its length. The young girl hands slowly matriculated from her now swollen globes, over her flat sundried stomach to her bare pelvic region. Rigidness began to creep from the base of my shaft upwards. The tips of the granddaughter’s fingers probed the chaste stigma of her unsullied flower. The blossoming of her pink nodule encouraged her lower limbs to incrementally part until her spread reached maximum distance. An arch formed at the small of the granddaughters back. Her head turned right then left. The granddaughter’s petite fingers accelerated their passion. The culmination was quick. The palm of her left hand cloaked her rose. Her right lay on top of the left pressuring down. The granddaughter’s legs abruptly clamped captivating her protecting hands. She rolled to her side in a semi fetal position. White cream oozed from the duct of my cock. I rejoined the old man who was still perched in his spot. We gathered our gear and told tales of the ones that got away as we headed down the path through the woods on our way home.

Later that afternoon the old lady and her granddaughter were busy making jelly from the grapes the young girl had garnered. The old man and I sat on the porch rocking in our handmade wooden chairs. The old lady and her granddaughter soon joined us sitting on the porch swing directly across. The granddaughter, holding tightly to her grandmother’s arm, listened patiently as the old lady recanted wholesome stories from days passed. The old man had fallen into a deep sleep. Visions of the young girl’s intimate moment played over and over in my mind. While listening to the grandmothers stories my eyes captured the young girl’s innocent essence. When she was done the grandmother with the help of her granddaughter got up off the screen then slowly strolled back into the kitchen. The young girl asked me how the fishing went. I didn’t know if it was the way she asked, the tone of her voice or both but it was more inquisitive in nature than questioning. It made me wonder if I was the sleuth I thought I was. My response was sterile. I told her how much I enjoyed the company of her grandfather. How refreshing and relaxing the atmosphere was and ended by telling her it was some of the most intense scenery I had ever seen. The young girl agreed with my assessment then looked right into my eyes and with a soft spoken voice told me that the mountains were filled with all kinds of wonders. She then left to help her grandmother. Her buoyant young breasts gave me a teasingly parting wave. Either this young girl was shrewd beyond her years or else she was as pure as the driven snow I hadn’t determined.

Dinner, as usual, was good old fashion home cooking. Out of politeness I tried not to stare at the young girl too conspicuously even though her daisy duke attire made the effort almost impossible. When dinner was completed the granddaughter began clearing the table for dessert. She reached to the side of my left shoulder then leaned forward to clear my plate from the table. I only turned my head slightly to the left and my eyes were served with a statuesque view of the granddaughter’s young supple firm breasts. My voyeuristic view from the ravine didn’t due her breasts justice. My voluminous testicles ached in agreement. When the granddaughter turned away and as she walked to the kitchen with her hands full of plates my gaze followed. Her denim painted ass cheeks tauntingly and alternately spring boarded up and down with unsoiled exuberance. Upon her return my scrutiny was targeted below her pierced belly and above the young girl’s tanned silky upper thighs. Though concealed by her painted on shorts, the shameless profile of the granddaughter’s blossoming vestal flower incited irregularities with the beats of my heart. A feeling of withering self control was the causation for me to excuse myself from the dinner table and to roam in the coolness of the starlit night.

By the time I returned to the bed & breakfast only dim night lights provided guiding illumination. I made my way to the kitchen to indulge in some of grandma’s homemade pie. As I was rummaging in the refrigerator the kitchen ambience changed from dark to light. Standing in the walkway next to the switch was the young girl. The sight of her wearing an angelic shear nighty was stunning. I almost dropped the pie. I’m sure her laugh and eventual takeover of the pie cutting was due to my lack of mobility. She sat next to me as we shared a large piece of homemade pie. Our touching shoulders and arms were the first physical contact to which the young and I engaged in. Her admission of wanton was validated by her sliding the chair she was sitting in against mine so the side of her bare thigh was married to mine. There was no containing my mature emotion. My cock was enamored. The soft flesh of its mushroomed head peeked out from the leg of my shorts. The dark stained oak table shielded her innocent eyes from my sinful exposure. It wasn’t till I escorted the granddaughter to her bedroom that my internal desires divulged. During goodnights, with her back pressed to the door and both hands behind her curvy hips clinging to the brass knob, the granddaughter’s sparkling eyes lowered. A void stillness occurred. Only the sound of the young girl’s seduced breaths could be heard in the hallowed hallway. She silently backed into her bedroom. The curtains in my room waved freely as the wind of the mountains reasserted its authority. I disrobed while staring out the window into the darkness with unsavory thoughts. I stood motionless while the wind washed my burning desires and heated flesh. The clunking of a deadbolt snapped me from my trance.

The young girl’s nude silhouette unveiled her desire. When I approached her stationary position it was her young firm swollen breasts that revealed themselves first. One more step and she was within my grasp. I placed my hands on her waist. The young girl raised her arms and placed her hands on my shoulder. I slowly lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around the tops of my hips, her breasts pressed to my chest and her dampened flower wet kissed my rippled abs. Once she secured herself my strong hands cradled the firm cheeks of the young girl’s ass. My lips parted and so did hers. My tongue amorously danced in her mouth and her tongue amorously danced in mine. The young girl’s temperature elevated lock step with her intensifying passion. Virgin dew trickled down my stomach. The young girl pulled her body tight to mine, hugging my neck securely and squeezing her trembling thighs. I groped her ass. My middle finger taunted the girl’s anal rim before easing into its tight sticky tube.

Now before I divulge how I defiled the granddaughter’s innocence I am curious to hear how you lost your virginity. Surely you will overcome your shyness and whisper your story in my ear

Love Leo

* * *
It is truly amazing how beautiful and sexy some middle aged women can look in a bikini so skimpy that it makes you wonder why they are wearing one at all. Such was the case of a woman I met over the weekend. This golden skinned Venus was striding around in a gold bikini wearing 4 inch high corked heeled sandals amongst people half her age and she definitely put them all to shame. I watched her from the upper deck as she paraded around the lower level oval teak track of the cruise ship. My ex sister-in-law, who was seated on the lounge next to me, noticed my interest in the bronze Venus, slapped her hand against the side of my thigh and as women do, made a jealous comment about the sculptured gold bikini clad woman. I didn’t let the gesture go without a response. I called my ex sister-in-law out over her envious caricature of the fine specimen representing the female species. She was none too pleased. The barely clad Venus climbed her way up the metal stairs. She looked like a vision as she strode towards us on the upper deck runway. Her breasts slightly bouncing up and down as she stepped with one foot in front of the other. Her hips swayed and I could hear the slow beat of jungle drums in my head. The woman passed by the foot of my ex sister-in-law’s lounge then by mine. Her profile was flawless. Her breasts were full, jutting out from her torso as if they were served on an invisible tray. Her stomach was flat but not washboard ripped. It was smooth and soft with a piercing dangling from her button. Her perfectly rounded firm ass possessed no lines. It was as if her bronze skin was sprayed on over a chiseled slab of marble. The shapely legs of this Venus were long taut and sleek. Yes I was definitely mesmerized. She stopped to the right of my lounge, pushed her sunglasses up so they rested on the top of her wheat colored head, leaned over, placed her hand on my arm and commented on my tattoo. I obliged her interest with the story behind its origins then invited her to join me. She quickly glanced at my ex sister-in-law. It was not for her approval it was one of those looks that lets another woman know that her attributes are beyond reproach. Of course my ex sister-in-law, who is no slouch in the physical looks department gave the woman her dues but promptly indicated that she was allowing the barely gold bikini clad woman an invitation. All this was communicated from a few seconds of eye contact and without a word being spoken. I broke the stalemate by adjusting my position which placed the bikini clad woman between myself and my ex sister-in-law. I did so to let my ex sister-in-law and the bikini clad bronze skinned woman know that if there were future events to happen all of us had the option to participate. The claws of both felines soon retracted. The rest of the afternoon proceeded without incident and in a short span of time and with the help of 4 very strong drinks we all became mutually comfortable with one another. My loose lipped bombed ex sister-in-law shared with the bikini clad bronze skinned Venus our history including our physical relationship. Surprisingly the Venus was curiously receptive and prompted both of us for intimate details for which my ex sister-in-law was more than happy to expound on. It was easy to tell that the bronze skinned barely clad Venus was getting very aroused with my ex sister-in-law’s descriptive picture of the relationship we’ve carried on over the years. It was by my ex sister-in-law’s mastery at weaving lewd webs that ensnared the Venus into willingly accepting my ex sister-in-law’s tongue into the Venus’s hungry mouth. The lustful oral interlude lasted for seconds and as I watched them share their uninhibited intimacy my organ twitched with excitement. I reached for and caressed the Venus’s soft smooth oily shoulders and neck during their French affection. Once their embrace broke my ex sister-in-law guided the Venus’s face towards mine. While my mouth covered hers and my tongue entangled with her tongue I felt the Venus jerk. She began furiously sucking my tongue do to the fact that my ex sister-in-law had slipped her fingers under what sparse piece of cloth was covering the Venus’s ripened pussy. Happening were beginning to get too involved to be played out on the upper deck so we proceeded to move our tryst to my stateroom. During the elevator ride down my ex sister-in-law and I kept the Venus heated by caressing the smooth oily flesh of her scrumptious body and taking turns slipping our fingers into her skimpy golden bikini bottoms to taunt her moistened plump clit. At any other time my ex sister-in-law and I would have had the Venus naked in a heartbeat but since she was so hot because of the perceived incestuous relationship between my ex sister-in-law and myself we mutually played on that emotion. We escorted the Venus to the edge of the bed where she was seated. My ex sister-in-law crawled on the bed next to the Venus then positioned her body so she was lying on her back crossways on the bed with her head overhanging the edge of the mattress and her cheek pressed against the thigh sleek smooth oily thigh of the bronze skinned Venus. My ex sister-in-law pushed her bikini top down to release her huge breasts then grabbed the Venus’s left hand and placed it on her left swollen tit. The Venus was visibly trembling but she didn’t pull her hand back. Instead she began squeezing the firm tit in her grasp. I walked up to the two women. I reached inside my swim trunks and pulled out my massive thick cock. The jaw dropping expression on the Venus’s face was priceless. I grabbed the Venus’s right hand and placed it on my shaft. She gripped it with natural familiarity. My ex sister-in-law opened her mouth then with my guiding directive eyes the obeying Venus placed the head of my thick meat into my ex sister-in-law’s inviting oral cavity. The Venus, lasciviously enamored, unexpectedly even to her, blurted out what was in her thoughts. “Suck his cock you horny interbred bitch”! The Venus, sweating profusely, was by now supremely enraptured by the shameless fellatio being performed by my ex sister-in-law. Her one hand glided back and forth along my spit slickened thick long shaft while the other hand excitedly, hurriedly and roughly milked my ex sister-in-law’s bloated weeping melons. The aggressive libidinous behavior by these two women cajoled my cock to full length, thickness and rigidity and my dangling swinging oversized testicles were heated by the rapid swirling of contained semen. My immoral ex sister-in-law and I successfully brought the Venus’s horniness to full fruition. Her bronze flesh was soaked with perspiration. It was apparent her pussy was swollen and gaped because the sparse material that covered her coveted region had been gobbled by her nibbling now exposed vulva. It was time to advance. We disengaged from our primal positions. I prohibited the Venus from removing her barely legal gold bikini and made her sit on the edge of the bed so she could watch as my ex sister-in-law and I discarded our swimwear. I pushed the Venus to her back on the mattress. Simultaneously my ex sister-in-law and I, her grabbing one leg and me the other, spread the bronze Venus’s legs apart. Her inner thighs were facing the ceiling and the outer parts of her thighs were flush to the mattress. The Venus was helpless and in this positioning her pussy gaped even further and we could see the soaking material of her sparse bikini bottom clinging to the inner membrane lining of her upper vaginal canal. My ex sister-in-law and I maneuvered our heads between the Venus’s spread thighs and each of our tongues licked the respective exposed swollen vulva. We had to hold down the Venus’s wrists with our free hand so she couldn’t self molest her bursting perfect breasts. It wasn’t long before the Venus’s oozing viscous cream had covered her gobbled sparse bikini material and colored it pearly white. That’s when my ex sister-in-law and I concentrated our tongues to lap the excess unabsorbed sweet nectar which had accumulated between the Venus’s swollen exposed pinkish tinted vulva and the gobbled bikini material. The scent of the Venus’s heated orgasm combined with the fragrance of untainted ass incited my basic canine instinct. I pushed my ex sister-in-law’s head aside, pried the Venus’s pinkish swollen gobbling vulva further apart, buried my face between her folds and gnawed at her cream soaked membrane lining clinging material until it shredded leaving her secreting cunt vulnerable and unprotected. The Venus gasped out loud.

There is so much more to say about the cruise. I’ll share some more with you in the near future if you are interested.
* * *
It was a simple request. Ann called me up, told me she had invited a new couple to her house for “drinks” and she wanted me to join her. Naturally I agreed. The first concern of course is Ann’s safety. Obviously Ann was unsure about this couple. Secondly the gathering could turn out to be fun because Ann usually seeks out people whose lifestyles are just outside the fringes of mainstream. Ann’s arrangements were for a casual afternoon cookout.

I will furnish you some details about Ann. She’s small in stature. I’d say she’s about 5ft tall. Ann’s body is well proportioned. Her breasts are full. Her ass is firm and rounded. On a side note, Ann hasn’t had any enhancements. Ann is 33 this year and has never been married. She, as long as I have known her, has had a sexual preference for older women but that’s not to say she hasn’t has her share of men.

When I finally met the couple their appearance came as no surprise. They were above average looking, physically fit and were at least in their mid 40’s. Ann introduced the couple as Sheri and Rick. They were a very friendly and personable couple however there an aura surrounding the two that I couldn’t quite place my finger on. It was easy to see that Ann was very attracted to Mia and it appeared that Mia was accepting of Ann’s affection. I couldn’t quite figure out Rick’s stance on the situation but I knew it would surface soon enough. The scenario was playing out as so many had before. We engaged in small talk while catching a buzz on alcohol. Rick did introduce some cocaine into the mix which as you can imagine was like putting an accelerant on a burning ember. Everyone’s temperature was rising. Ann suggested a cooling off in the pool knowing full well she didn’t advise Mia and Rick to bring swimwear. Mia and Ann were quick to strip their clothes off then trotted off giggling as they made their way to poolside. Rick and I followed the two women out on the lanai but we didn’t join them in the pool. We sat in the lounges and watched the two women frolic. Rick portioned out a few more line of coke for our pleasure. Truthfully I was buzzing and so was Rick. I was the first to disrobe and joined the two women in the pool. It wasn’t long before Rick accompanied the three of us. We were sort of standing in a circle in the shallow end of the pool. Each one of us was looking over each other’s bodies. The women were as giddy as could be when they saw that Rick and I both were hung like horses. Usually this would have been the point where we paired off with the other person’s partner and I expected that to happen so I was caught off guard when I felt Rick’s hand grab my shaft. Mia and Ann stood groping each other’s ass and watching as Rick fondled my organ. I wasn’t at all bothered by Rick’s action. I could also tell by Mia’s reaction that this was her and Rick’s thing. She was into watching Rick fondle other men and Rick didn’t have a hang up about his bisexuality. Ann was very pleased with the display. She knew Mia’s arousal would be elevated. As for me, I’m all about having fun sexual encounters so I reciprocated Rick’s gesture by grabbing a hold of his good sized shaft and fondling it as he was mine. Mia and Ann were thrilled over Rick’s and mine willingness to wrangle with one another’s over achieving cocks. They were so pleased by the sight that they proceeded to ease their fingers into each other’s pussies. All apprehensions had been lifted. The four of us then engaged in an all encompassing fondling frenzy. Everyone’s hands roamed over everyone’s bodies. Our pool foreplay was at its peak so the four of us dried off then went inside. We proceeded to fix more drinks and snort additional lines of coke then made our way into the living room at which point we rearranged the furniture so we had a spacious place to play. On this occasion the women took the lead. The combination of the alcohol, drugs plus the display of Rick and I fondling each other gave the women a sense of empowerment. Rick and I stood in the middle of the room while Mia and Ann circled and inspected our bodies like we were slaves to be sold at market. They handled our cocks, squeezed our testicles, groped and smacked our ass’s then convened to assess our worth. We were then positioned by Mia and Ann. Rick was told to lie on his back on the floor and I was to hover over him on all fours with my massive cock hanging to the side of his head. My face was elevated above Rick’s over achieving cock. Ann kneeled to the opposite side of Rick’s head and Mia spread Rick’s legs then kneeled between them. Ann grabbed my cock and slapped Rick’s face with it and Mia grabbed Rick’s cock and slapped my face. The girl’s then guided my meat into Rick’s mouth and Rick’s meat into my mouth and demanded that we suck each other. Like obedient slaves we complied with their orders. Now I don’t often take another man’s cock into my mouth however I was so fucked up and super horny I didn’t have a qualm with Mia’s and Ann orders. Mia had a handful of my hair in one hand and Rick’s cock in the other as she used this method to control my up and down head movements. The girl’s were in a squealing frenzy and if the truth were to be told I was totally into sucking Rick’s cock under the control of Mia. Neither Rick nor I was going to shoot our loads from our cock sucking man orgy but both of our cocks were eventually sucked to granite hardness. Mia and Ann were very proud of their accomplishment. In fact the two girls got so hot they positioned their bodies next to ours exactly like Rick and I were positioned and promptly began eating each other’s soaked horny cunts. The smell of raw cock and cunt permeated the air. Rick and I soon ended our meat eating escape. We gave each other the ‘what the fuck just happened” look then proceeded to consume more alcohol and another few lines of coke while we watched as the girls feasted on each other’s pink juicy meat. Mia and Ann soon tired as well. They stood then embraced each other and began kissing then licking the cunt juices that were smeared on their faces. Once satisfied that every nectar droplet had been consumed the girls scooted off to Ann’s bedroom and returned a few minutes later. Both were wearing strap on’s and both had a tube of oil in their hands. Their orders followed. Rick and I were commanded to all fours once again. Mia eased up behind me and Ann maneuvered behind Rick. Simultaneously the girls oiled up the dildo’s. Simultaneously the eager girls began the arduous process of forcing the large dildo’s into the ass’s of Rick and myself. It was painful but in the same token it was great to feel that silicon oiled dildo filling my rectal canal. Once the girl’s started fucking Rick and I there were grunts abound to be heard. Mia was riding me fast and furious. My long thick cock was actually getting rug burnt as it was dragged forward and back by the force of Mia’s thrusts. I have to say that every time Mia pulled back and the dildo exited I felt empty inside. I was a bit disappointed that Mia stopped fucking my ass as soon as she did. The girls unstrapped the simulated appendages. Rick and I had a few minutes to regain our composure. Once again we gave each other the WTF just happened look and afterwards we clang our glasses together in a toast. Meantime the girls wandered off and returned. They had another surprise. It was a 3 ft long very thick dildo with a huge head on each end. Ann motioned us over to where she and Mia were lying on their backs pussy to pussy with Mia’s legs on top of Ann’s. Mia handed me the tube of oil and Ann handed Rick the other. We were ordered to insert each end of the dildo into the girl’s horny respective cunts. We oiled the ends up then stuffed the girl’s cunts as ordered. Rick and I took turns forcing the dildo back and forth. While the girl’s pussies were getting fucked Rick and I licked, sucked and nibbled on their swollen clits. It was magnificent to watch them squirm. Their howls were music to our ears and it was beautiful to watch Mia and Ann’s cum ooze from their horny cunts at the same time. My goodness what sights and sounds. Afterwards Rick and Ann and Mia and I paired off. I swear I fucked every one of Mia’s holes 3 times before I finally shot my load and showered her body. We were all physically exhausted by early evening. It took a couple of hours before we were rejuvenated. Over the next few hours our time was utilized by going three on one for each individual. If you’re questioning whether I received Rick’s cock in my ass the answer is yes and if you’re questioning whether I placed my cock into a Rick’s ass the answer is also yes. A great time was had by all and the plan is to do it again soon.
* * *
Yesterday after work instead of dropping some money at the casino or stopping for a couple of drinks I went straight home. My niece’s car was in the driveway along with one that was unfamiliar. Once inside I scanned the living room and pool area and did not see anyone. I assumed no one was home. I ventured into the game room to fix myself a drink at the bar. I picked up the remote and was just about to turn the T.V on to catch some news when I heard some voices coming from the pool area. I walked to the slider then pulled the blind slightly open to see who was there. It was my niece and one of her girlfriends. Both were naked as they stepped down into the pool. I could only assume that they were cooling off after having sex. I stood there peering through the parted blinds. The two girls had their arms around each other kissing and groping while wading in the water. Being the good uncle that I am I stood and monitored their activities for safety reasons. I wouldn’t want one of the girls to drown. The girls worked their way to the edge of the pool. My niece’s girlfriend lifted herself up so she that she was sitting in the edge with her legs and feet kicking in the water. My niece swam between her girlfriends legs. The girlfriend leaned back and from her reaction it was obvious that my niece was licking her girlfriend’s pussy. I couldn’t see much more than that but it was enough to get the juices in my balls circulating. When the girl grabbed my niece’s head I knew her juices were flowing. Afterwards the girl slid down into the pool and my niece took her place on the edge. My niece was a little more animated while her girlfriend lapped at my niece’s young pussy. They soaked in the pool together then made their way to the lounge chairs. I let go of the blind and made my way back to the bar for another beer then went to my bedroom to throw on a T-shirt and shorts. I knocked on the window of the kitchen door leading out to the lanai. Both girls turned their heads. My niece waved then lifted her beer bottle signaling she wanted me to fetch refills. As I turned and headed to the fridge I was thinking as to why the girls weren’t startled about my arrival but when I returned with their drinks my question was answered. Their eyes were barely open and their pupils were dilated. They were high on something and it was very apparent reality had been left way before I got home. My niece slurred through the introduction. “Rita this is my Uncle Leo. Uncle Leo this is my girlfriend Rita”. I leaned over and shook Rita’s hand while at the same time gazing over her wet naked tanned body. “So you’re the infamous Uncle Leo. Pleasure to meet you” she giggled. I released Rita’s hand. She slid the sunglasses down her nose then looked over the top of their rims checking me out as I did her. I sat down in the chair opposite of my niece and Rita. I was still surprised that they seemed unaware of their nakedness. “Rita and I have no secrets Uncle Leo” my niece informed me. I concluded, from my niece’s rhetoric, that expectations had been leveled to Rita. I finally spoke up. “ When’s your mother coming home” I asked my niece. There wasn’t any point beating around the bush and wasting time. I was absolutely clear on the situation. “She’s out for the night” my niece replied with full confidence. “ Why don’t you relax” Rita chimed in as she eyed me up and down once again. I stood up, pulled off my shirt then removed my shorts. Rita sat up and removed her sunglasses. “Girl you weren’t exaggerating” she sang out as she slapped my niece on her thigh. They both laughed then Rita got up off the lounge and stood in front of me. “May I” Rita asked keeping her eyes focused on my huge cock. “You may” I responded while sharing a gaze with my smiling niece. Rita was smaller in stature than my niece. When she lifted my huge meaty trunk its length spanned from her belly button up the front of her torso and the head of my cock reached the top of her tits. Using both hands Rita swung my trunk forward and back to beat her tanned tits. I stood there like the jolly green giant watching Rita amuse herself. My niece finally got up from her lounge chair. She stood behind Rita. She proceeded to caress Rita’s ass while Rita was busy rubbing my cock meat all over her front torso and tits. I was stiffening to be sure. From behind my nice inserted her thumb into Rita’s ass and two fingers into Rita’s willing wet pussy. I stepped back. Rita bent forward then took my huge cock head into her mouth while my niece fingered her holes. Rita’s oral technique was similar to the majority of her predecessors. My cock head and some of my shaft are encapsulated in the mouth. It gets licked and sucked. Two hands twist and turn plus move up and down my length to lubricate the rest of my shaft with their expunging spit. Rita got my shaft well lubed. My niece pulled her fingers from Rita’s soaked holes. Rita pulled my cock from her mouth. Her face was smeared with her own spit. My niece spun Rita around so Rita’s back was towards me. My niece, while she caressed Rita’s tanned tits, queried me about Rita’s ass. “Look how fine my girl’s ass is Uncle Leo”. You’d have to be a blind man not to agree with my niece’s statement. Rita did have a wickedly sweet ass. “Uncle Leo” my niece cooed “Rita’s never had a man’s cock in her fine ass. Would you like to be her first”? my niece seductively whispered as her hands roamed from Rita’s tits to her fine ass. “Please Uncle Leo. Do it for me” my niece begged as she spread Rita’s ass cheeks so I could see her glory hole. “Bend he over” I ordered my niece. Rita bent over. With her head to the side of my niece’s hip Rita hugged my niece’s waist. I kicked Rita’s feet to part her legs. Placing my hands on Rita’s ass and using my thumbs I spread Rita’s cheek. Rita’s ass was only a virgin to man meat. It was visible that she was no stranger to having objects inserted rectally. Her anal mouth gaped with little resistance. My niece leaned forward and began spitting on Rita’s ass. Her saliva flowed down the crevice created by Rita’s cheeks and over Rita’s firm rounded mounds. The multitudes of streaming spit seeped into Rita’s anal opening. My penetration proceeded. It definitely was not an easy task. Half way into Rita’s canal I met resistance. Knowing that I didn’t want to discourage her from future encounters I ordered my niece to fetch some lubricating oil. I grabbed Rita’s hips so my niece could pull away from Rita’s grasp without her falling over. My niece returned quickly then dispensed the oil generously over entrance Rita’s ass and my shaft and I was able to fully penetrate Rita’s fine ass. I swung Rita to a sitting position by grabbing the backs of her thighs and tilting her backwards. My hands were now her seat. Her back was resting against my chest. I spread her thighs wide then slowly lifted her body and then let it lower. My cock easily slid out then in. Rita raised her arms then clasped her hands around my neck. As you women and men know. Anal penetration, especially when the thing penetrating your ass is expanding your organ past its normal elastic limits, is a not a quiet way to have sex. Rita was definitely vocal. My niece was so inspired that she shot a short video with her cell phone before returning to participate. She oiled her hand up. I anticipated my niece was preparing to shove a few fingers into her friend’s pussy while I fucked her ass. I was wrong. Rita began screaming at the top of her lungs. Through the sheer membranes separating Rita’s ass tube from her pussy passage, I could feel my niece’s hand pressing to my shaft. I looked down over Rita’s shoulder. My niece’s lower forearm was sticking out of Rita’s stretched cunt. Lucky Rita! She had my thick cock buried in her ass and pumping and my niece’s hand and wrist stuffed in her ballooned cunt. Together my niece and I fucked Rita like she’d never been fucked before.
* * *
* * *
I don’t need a weatherman to give me a forecast. All I have to do is check out what my secretary is wearing, which during this time of the year is very little. I am certainly a fortunate boss. Some of you may know that I have gone through my share of secretaries but his one has stayed with me for about nine months. She and I have a unique and mutually satisfying working relationship. One thing that I especially like about my secretary is that she always looks different. She always changes something about her appearance whether it’s the color or cut of her hair. The styles of her clothing are dynamic. Her makeup and accessories are always changing as well. She’s like a new woman every month. Today her hair is black with bangs cut straight across just at her eyebrows. The straight length of her hair stops above her shoulders and is equally long all the way around. She has on a grey lightly pinstriped suit jacket with 3 buttons running down the front of which only two are fastened. There is no blouse or bra under the jacket. The mid thigh length skirt matches the jacket. It fits very snug to her hips. Her legs are covered with nude nylons. When she bends you can see the clasps of her garter clipped to their tops. The heels she has on match the rest of her ensemble. There is no jewelry only reading glasses hang down against her chest. I gaze at my secretary for a period of time as she enters my office. She twirls for me so I can check her out from front to back then front again. My secretary knows how this pleases me and she waits for my compliment. Our morning starts with her sitting in the chair opposite mine. We make small talk then go over the schedule for the day. Needless to say my eyes are focused on my secretaries seating position. Crossing her legs concealed only the portal to my secretaries hypnotizing jewel. The straps stretching from the tops of her nylons to the band of her garter guided my stare along her bare tanned upper thigh. My secretary doesn’t acknowledge my gaze. She sits completely confident and pretends that work priorities are the focal points of her thoughts. At some point during our meeting the second of three buttons on my secretary’s suit jacket becomes unfastened. The amount of cleavage visible is increased. My secretary uncrosses her legs then crosses them in the opposite configuration. Her body slightly twists. Her suit jacket balloons open, stressing the third and only fastened button and the shaded profile of the furthest breast is clearly displayed. Work is the furthest thing from my mind. The ring tone of my business phone interrupts my trance. I glance to the display. I had no intentions of answering but my secretary had already sprung from her chair. She politely took a message with a promise of a call back within the hour. My secretary didn’t return to her seat. Instead she leaned against my desk. A portion of her firm ass rested on the surface. Her hands were placed on the front of her skirt with her fingertips touching the flesh of her thighs just below the short hemline. My shaft twitched with excitement and anticipation. My secretary pulled her skirt upwards stopping once its hemline reached the top of her sculptured thighs. She parted her legs. Hardness settled into my shaft starting at its base and slowly taking over the entirety of my awesome length. One of my secretary’s fingers disappeared under her skirt. The bulge in my pants extended from my crotch along the inside of my pant leg to just before my knee. There was no urgency in my secretary’s movements. I couldn’t say with certainty what manipulation was occurring under her skirt but the fragrance of her sex was unmistakable. My hand roamed over the bulge in my pant leg. My girth expanded. My secretary’s finger reappeared from beneath her skirt. The wetness was visible. She released her skirt, turned then walked back towards her chair stopping when she was behind its back. She stood there momentarily then turned to face me. The third button of her jacket had been unfastened. The lapels were parted. I was witness to my secretary’s full breasts. She proudly and gently caressed her milk filled voluptuous globes. Minutes ticked away. My secretary tenderly tugged her fattened nipples. I unbuckled my belt. Both of my secretary’s hands slid to the undersides of her bountiful breasts. I unfastened the button of my trousers. She raised one globe then loving licked its fat nipple. I unzipped my zipper. The other globe was lifted to her lips. Her tongue swiped at its nipple as lovingly as the first. I pushed my trousers down then grasped my hardened thick shaft. She squeezed her two huge breasts together. I stroked my cock. She released her breasts allowing them to drop. I continued to stroke watching as her huge breasts bounced and wiggled. My secretary smiled at me, closed the lapels of her suit jacket, buttoned the three front buttons then turned and walked out of my office waving her hand as she left.

The morning passed by rather quickly and it was nearly lunch. The door to my office was open. I could hear my secretary greeting someone over her intercom then I hear the buzzing of the security lock on the outer door. Both voices were familiar. One belonged to my secretary. The other voice was that of her boyfriend. I walked to my office door, stuck my head out, said hello to him then asked my secretary if I could see her for just a second before she left for lunch. She stopped halfway into my door. From where my secretary stood her boyfriend could see only the back of her body as she leaned against the door jam. I fronted her, slid my hand under her short skirt and rubbed her clit with my middle finger. She didn’t flinch. Standing where I was and looking over her right shoulder, I could see my secretary’s boyfriend sitting glossing over a magazine. I eased my finger into her pussy. She emitted a subtle groan. I wiggled my digit inside her wet passage. She clenched her muscles to tighten her titillated tube. The boyfriend put the magazine down then leaned forward showing his impatience. I slowly eased my finger from my secretary’s clenched pussy. She smiled. I sucked her juice from my middle finger. She turned and left with boyfriend in tow.

The afternoon came and went as quickly as the morning. My secretary knew there was one more task to complete before she called it a day. She stepped into my office. My secretary was all business. She removed her suit jacket and hung it over the back of a chair. Without hesitation she unfastened and unzipped her skirt, slipped out of it and placed it neatly over the back of the chair as well. I sat patiently and waited. She walked to the side of my desk, placed the palms of her hands on its surface, backed her ass up then spread her legs. I sat patiently. In a calm unimpassioned voice she said “Fuck Me”! I didn’t say a word. I got up from my chair, stepped behind my secretary, dropped my trousers, spread her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand, grabbed my thick long shaft and guided it to her vaginal opening. There wasn’t much resistance when I forced my cock into my secretary’s juicy pussy. Once she was filled with hard thick meat the even paced fucking began. After a hard day of work my secretary wasn’t looking to be brutalized by my oversized cock. She preferred a long lasting steady dose of thick hard meat sliding in and out of her tender pussy and that is just what she received. Every time my secretary was on the verge of an orgasm I held her hips firm and stopped my fucking. I stood motionless while her cunt sucked my cock. When her vaginal muscles tired I resumed my paced plunges into her juicy willing cunt. I fucked my secretary for a solid hour before I allowed her to orgasm.
* * *
I brought home a couple that I had met at the casino. All of us were pretty well wasted. My ex sister-in-law was busy doing laundry and my niece was out somewhere with some of her friends. After a quick introduction the couple and I made our way to the game room. While they made themselves comfortable I grabbed us a few drinks from behind the bar. The woman wanted wine and the man and I had cold beers from the tap. It was obvious they were a bit nervous. We were total strangers preparing to engage in a threesome. I engaged the couple in a game of pool. It’s always a good ice breaker and it relieves the tension. Pool also provokes a person to get in positions where tits and ass are gawked and groped. When the woman bent over to shoot her husband and I could comment on her tits. We caressed, playfully slapped and squeezed her ass. She became aroused quickly. It wasn’t a one way street either. The woman slapped and grabbed her husband’s and mine butts as well. It wasn’t until she had a few more glasses of wine that she finally got the nerve to grope my cock which was the milestone I set to get things rolling. While the guy’s wife was fixated on what was the largest cock she ever felt, her words not mine, I reached behind her an unzipped the back of her dress. Her husband was at the other side of the table with cue stick in hand watching the interaction between his wife and me. She removed her hands from my crotch, looked towards her husband waiting for his positive nod, then nervously pushed the dress from her shoulders, let it slide down her body then she stepped out from the material which had circled her feet. Her husband placed his cue stick on the felt covered slate of the table, walked behind his lovely wife and unhooked her bra. I pulled the straps over her shoulder and down her arms. Her first instincts were to hide her breasts using her hands as covers. Her husband reacted quickly. He reached around her body, grabbed his wife’s wrists then pulled her hands behind her back. I examined the woman’s quaint tits. I used that term because her tits were small but nice. My preference is for big breasted women. I do enjoy sucking tits even though I don’t spend many descriptive words about that in my recanting of my social liaisons’. I placed my hands on her hips, lowered my head and took one of her small tits into my mouth then after a minute I sucked the other. Afterwards I placed my hands over her small tits so I could squeeze them. She was delighted and so was her husband. I lowered to one knee. My face was a mere three inches from her crotch. I placed my fingers inside the band of her panties and pulled them down. The woman’s pussy was waxed smooth. I flicked her nub a few times with my tongue before rising to my feet. Now that the woman was naked except for jewelry and heels it was time to have some fun. I picked the guys wife up, carried her to the pool table then set her down gently on the green felt. The table itself had been slightly modified. There was 2 foot long leather tethers bolted along the side of the table at each pocket which were used to secure his wife’s wrists and ankles in a spread position. I handed the woman’s husband his pool stick. Now, from my experience with various people there is one thing that I’ve learned, there are some things that guys have always wanted to do but were too afraid to attempt and there are things that a women want done to them but were too intimidated to ask. One such thing is to rape and get raped with a pool stick. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured some on the thick end of the pool stick handle. The husband looked at me with a blank stare. His wife tilted her head up, squirmed to get loose while demanding her husband to untie her. The wife’s actions were all a façade. Her eyes told me the truth. I yanked the pool stick from her husband’s hand then placed oiled thick end to the entrance of his wife’s pussy. She played the game of false resistance until she felt the pool stick entering her cunt. Her husband witnessed how his wife quickly changed from being an unwilling victim to begging for wood. He watched me rape his wife’s cunt with the pool stick for a minute or so before he got the guts to take over. His wife loved every second. The small breasted bitch kept screaming for him to shove the pool stick in faster and faster. She creamed quickly. I stopped her husband from removing the pool stick from his wife’s pool stick sucking pussy. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and placed it under her ass. I handed him another stick and the bottle of oil then told him to shove the pool stick in his wife’s ass. There were no pleas for stoppage from her this time. She openly belittled him and challenged his manhood. Finally he mustered up the courage to penetrate his wife’s willing ass with the second pool stick. As he fucked her the husband retaliated with his own words calling her a whore and a slut. Then with my guidance the husband grabbed the other stick which was lodged in her pussy and fucked both her holes simultaneously. She may have had small tits but she possessed large lungs because her screams were loud and non- stop. It was definitely fun to watch. All the screaming must have alarmed my ex sister-in-law because she came running into the game room at full steam. Once she saw the man fucking his wife’s two holes with the pool sticks she froze in her tracks. My ex sister-in-law shot me the “what the fuck” look. It only took a few minutes until the wife convulsed into a long violent orgasm. Her husband, with a sense of accomplishment, pulled the two pool sticks from his wife’s cream oozing organs. We didn’t untie her. There was much more to come.
* * *
I have had many thoughts about my niece since the night I licked her young juicy pussy. It wasn’t the moral issue which consumed my thoughts. The opportunity to see her again unexpectedly occurred last night. My ex sister-in-law and my niece showed up at my doorstep last night. They had happened upon a condo which was for purchase so my ex sister-in-law wanted me to go through her finances to see if she could afford to swing a deal. I humored her. She was already in debt up to her ears and I’ve been helping her to get healthy over the past year. I rummaged through my ex sister-in-laws paperwork while the two grabbed themselves something to drink and headed out to the lanai to lounge. Sitting at the table in the kitchen and looking through the paneless corner window provided me with an excellent view of both as they relaxed in the cushioned lounges. My ex sister-in-law and my niece were each wearing skirts and tank tops although as you can imagine my niece’s attire was much more revealing. Truthfully it didn’t take very long to determine there was no way in hell my ex sister-in-law could afford to purchase the condo but I didn’t break the news to her right away. I cracked open a beer and inconspicuously gawked at my niece’s scrumptious young body. I grabbed a refill then went outside to break the news. I purposely seated myself across from where they were lounging then gave my ex sister-in-law the results. She was disappointed but wasn’t surprised about the findings. My niece went inside and returned with a drink for her and her mother to soothe the pain over the grim news. While they strategized on how to move forward both my niece and my ex sister-in-law’s positioning, unintentional or intentional, provided me an uplifting view. They were made from the same mold. Both were panty less which brought a smile to my face. We talked into the late evening so I suggested they stay overnight. Neither raised an objection. While the girls changed into my T-shirts I started up the outdoor fire pit to rid the air of the humidity. My ex sister-in-law returned alone telling me that my niece decided to call it an evening. She slithered up next to me on my lounge, rested her head on my chest, laid her one leg across both of mine and her heated uncovered pussy pressed against my thigh. My hand palmed her bare ass cheek and I groped while my ex sister-in-law’s hand moved up and down the length of my bulging shorts. During our fondling I saw the figure of my niece making her way from the guest room to the dark formal living room where she curled up on the couch. She had a perfect view of her mother and me as she gazed through the sliding glass door. My niece was not aware that her presence was noticed. She watched as her mother pulled down the front of my shorts. My niece got her first glimpse of my enormous package when she saw her mother tilt my shaft up perpendicular to my torso. Even though I was looking through the glass door into the darkness my niece’s body was illuminated by the moons rays shining through the arched window above the front door. She was now sitting upright stretching her neck for a closer view with both her hands squeezing her young breasts through the T-shirt she was wearing. The voyeuristic interest which my niece was engaged in definitely affected the accelerated erection process. My ex sister-in-law initiated a methodical stroking of my oversized burley thick rigid shaft. I pulled my ex sister-in-law’s T-shirt up to her waist so my niece could also view her mother’s bare ass move back forth as she humped my muscular thigh. I was sure I provided my niece with an unobstructed view of her mother’s shaved pussy as well. Sliding down my body while not missing a stroke my ex sister-in-law positioned her body between my spread legs. My niece approached the sliding glass door then moved to one side so she could get an angled view of my cock entering her mother’s eager mouth. My niece was both bold and brazen. She removed her T-shirt, spread her legs, parted the lips of her young pussy with one hand and used the other to rub her excited clit while watching her mother’s frenzied cock sucking. It was then that my engrossed niece realized that my focus was on her solo seduction. She leaned forward to leave her lip imprint on the glass. My ex sister-in-law worked furiously to slicken my huge hard cock with her saliva in preparation for entry into her craving cunt. The eyes of my niece absorbed every moment of her mother’s meat eating mastery and her hips instinctively rocked back and forth as if she was preparing her young hairless cunt for the acceptance of my massive meat as well. With my shaft well slobbered I grabbed a handful of my ex sister-in-law’s hair and pulled her head up. I watched my shaft glide past her lips during its exit from her saddened mouth. She stood up on the lounge chair, her feet straddling my hips, my hands on her thighs held her steady. My ex sister-in-law’s descent was into a squat position. I held my meat upright and tilted my head sideways to look at the slider. My niece plunged her fingers into her young horny hairless pussy at the same rate with which my huge cock unrepentantly forced its way into her mother’s shaven cunt. My ex sister-in-law slowly elevated then descended. My niece’s finger’s pulled out then plunged in. I was truly stimulated by the sight of mother and daughter fucking cock and fucking fingers with one not knowing and the other knowing. I mercilessly drove my hips upwards greeting my ex sister-in-law’s hips during their descent. The brutality of my massive cock into her cunt was measured by my ex –sister-in-law’s blood curdling scream. My niece was frozen in her tracks. Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped and her pussy lip spreading hand covered and prevented her finger fucking hand from exiting her soaked hairless pussy. She was frightened for her mother. My niece was also experiencing an unnatural and enthralling orgasm at the sight of my huge thick long cock raping her mother’s helpless shaven cunt with ruthless piston like driving thrusts. My niece now stood, her arms outstretched, her hands flat to the glass, her legs spread, her back arched, eyes looking towards the ceiling and her stiff young nipples poking into the glass of the door. The moons rays illuminated the streaming juices flowing down the insides of her thighs. My relentless fucking continued. My ex sister-in-law collapsed downwards at which time I quickly spun her to her back, pushed her knees to the sides of her shoulders and continued my onslaught of her vulnerable shaven soaked cream spurting pussy. My naked niece abruptly ran from sight.

Between me licking my young niece’s hairless pussy and her masturbating while watching me seduce her mother, my niece has found it extremely difficult to contain her sexual urges. By the time I got out of the shower and threw on a robe the following morning my niece and her mother were already sitting in the kitchen clothed in my old T-shirts drinking coffee. Each of them gave me a specific glance. My ex sister-in-law’s look was one of fulfilled appreciation while the look on my niece’s face was one of lusting hunger. I had a gut feeling that this day was going to be interesting. I sat at the table. Neither of them said anything. The thin T-shirts they were wearing couldn’t hide their protruding nipples. I had to wonder if they checked out each other’s defining attributes the way I was doing at that moment. That delicious thought stirred up internal emotions in my loins. I took a deep breath. I could smell the sex scent of both my niece and her mother and I could also match the amorous fragrance with each one respectively. My niece pushed her chair back. As she got up from her seat, my niece forced an intentionally wide spread of her young smooth legs. I accepted the visual invitation. My niece’s hairless young pussy is beautiful. My balls ached for her. She smiled at me knowing that her display had riled my senses then walked towards the coffee pot on the island counter. I didn’t turn my head or my ex sister-in-law would have probably taken notice. My niece returned confidently to her seat. She certainly knows how to effectively use the “power of the pussy”. Coffee wasn’t going to do it for me. I made my way to the bar and pulled all the ingredients for a batch of Bloody Mary’s and proceeded to mix up a pitcher. My ex sister-in-law was kind enough to help with a slight deviation. She stepped behind the bar next to me, slid her hand into my robe and while I mixed the ingredients she caressed and energized my manhood. When we returned to the kitchen table to rejoin my niece my shaft was slightly stiff which meant it was tenting my robe and clearly noticeable. I was surprised my ex sister-in-law fondled me knowing full well that upon our return there would be a good chance that her daughter might become aware of my arousal. I personally didn’t care but I did find her actions unusual. Then it happened. When I sat back down my robe opened. My oversized manhood was revealed. From across the table my outing was blocked from my ex sister-in-law’s view but my niece, who was seated next to me, had an unobstructed display of wide girth and very lengthy man meat and she gave it thorough examination. She brazenly reached over, grabbed my man meat and shook it side to side and up and down a few times before relinquishing her grip. My shaft gained more rigidity. I adjusted the robe over my meaty organ to conceal it once again. There was no way I could have stood up. If I did my semi-rigid shaft absolutely could not be contained under the robe. My ex sister-in-law left the table, snatched up a magazine, then grabbed her Bloody Mary and suggested we go out to the lanai. The request seemed suspicious. I resisted at first but she was quite adamant. My niece was busy reading something on her iphone so I gathered up my drink and as I stood my robe parted leaving my cock on display. Just as that happened my ex sister-in-law turned her back towards me to open the door. My niece, whom I thought was distracted, took notice. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and licked her lips. I covered up then joined my ex sister-in-law out on the lanai. I seated myself so I could see my niece who was still sitting at the kitchen table fooling with her phone. Her one leg was now over hanging the arm of the chair which from my point of view left nothing to the imagination. Whatever it was that my ex sister-in-law had on her mind I knew it couldn’t be good and I expected the worst which of course was that she found out about the cunnilingus liaison I had with her daughter. I braced myself for a blowout. Instead what I got was a request. My ex sister-in-law wanted to know if she and her daughter could move in with me so she could save up some money for a down payment on a condo. I was relieved in one sense but somewhat alarmed in another. My ex sister-in-law explained that she knew it would be a great inconvenience, especially knowing how I conduct my personal life, but she was positive they could live there with me and with a few minor adjustments to limit the invasion of my privacy. I definitely lost my rigidity during this conversation. I happened to glance towards the kitchen at my pussy displaying niece while I mulled over her request. There would be some real positives to the arrangement I was thinking. On the other hand it could all end very badly. There really wasn’t an option. I think we all knew I couldn’t refuse. My ex sister-in-law waived to my niece in the kitchen and it suddenly dawned on me that they were both in on this from the beginning. Boy was I played! I had to laugh and congratulate both of them on their gamesmanship. They hugged and kissed me professing that I wouldn’t regret my decision. One thing they didn’t convey to me was that all their stuff was already in storage waiting for a call for it to be trucked over. My ex sister-in-law scurried away to get dressed so she could get the ball rolling. My niece on the other hand plopped her young fine ass down in the lounge across from me, picked up the magazine on the small table next to her and indulged in some Hollywood gossip reading while she waited for her mother’s departure. I sat patiently, sipping on my drink, wondering what the future held for the three of us as roommates. It didn’t take long to find out. Within a half hour my ex sister-in-law was out the door. Ten minutes later I had my young niece lying naked on her back crossways on my bed. I was naked as well standing with her legs positioned to the outsides of my thighs. My long thick cock was hanging down between my parted legs. I squeezed oil from the tube all over my niece’s hairless swollen pussy as well as over my thick long shaft and huge cock head. My niece’s arms were to her side and her hands were clutching the blanket as she braced herself for what she believed to be a painful insertion of my magnificent member into her vulnerable cunt. I put my hands on the backs of her smooth thighs just above the bends of her knees and pushed her legs apart and forward. My preparing niece closed her eyes. I ordered my niece to replace my hands with hers so she could hold her trembling legs in place. It would take two hands for me to infiltrate my young niece’s innocent fragile oiled pussy. I didn’t immediately attempt to venture into my niece’s juicy canal. First I caressed her vulva then her clit before running my finger up and down along the pink juicy oiled meat just inside her swollen folds. My niece’s moans and groans transmitted her pleasure. Her pink petals fluttered and her anal mouth puckered. Both horny orifices of my young niece now possessed a craving hunger. It was the index finger of my right hand which invaded first. I gently pushed it into her rectum. It was tight and hot. Probing deeper into her canal, expanding her rectal throat coerced an exodus of aromatic ass. I buried my finger then twisted and turned it. My young niece howled, kicked her legs and clenched her cheeks. At a steady pace I fingered my young niece’s unspoiled tight posterior tube. During the blissful digital delighting of my niece’s hot tight fragranced passage my left hand was busy stroking my massive meat to the proper stiffness. I pulled my finger out from my niece’s ass to the groans of her displeasure. Her body flinched when I pried open her chaste hairless cunt. The girth of my huge cock head was three times the gape of her parted pussy. I nudged my meaty head to her pink juicy oiled fluttering petals which sealed her opening. Without visual verification my young shivering niece could feel the mismatch of her frothing organ to that of my largess. Her survival instincts kicked in and she pleaded with me to stop. Her pleas passed my ears with disregard. My full weight teetered forward. My niece’s elasticity expanded and her groans turned to strained grunts. Only half my cock head had forged past her stretched entrance. I teetered further forward. My young niece’s strained grunts progressed to sporadic whimpering outbursts. My huge cunt expanding cock head was three quarters in. My young niece wailed and cried. She pulled her knees tight to her chest. My penile position and angle were frozen as I leaned my upper torso forward. I broke the grip my niece had maintained on her legs which caused them to straddle my head and to rest against my shoulders. I reached around my niece’s propped legs. My hands grasped her neck. My niece’s hands gripped my wrists. She stared into my determined eyes and I stared into her frightened eyes. It was only for moments that we were still but to my young inexperienced scared niece it seemed like hours. I provided a powerful forward and down impaling thrust!
* * *
My niece arrived at my place last night. She was distraught over a blow up between her and her girlfriend. It was very hard for me to keep focused on my niece’s story. I was busy eyeing up her young fertile body and my mind was cluttered with immoral thoughts of lust. By the looks of what my niece was wearing she must have been at her apartment when the incident occurred because she was attired in a T-shirt without a bra underneath, short denim skirt and sandals. If she had been out on the town my niece would have been decked out. As she paced around the kitchen it was all I could do to keep my hands from grabbing her jiggling young breasts. My niece opened the cupboard door to get a glass for her wine. It was located on the top shelf so as she rose up on her toes and reached high, her short denim skirt rode up her backside revealing the bottom flesh of her young firm ass cheeks. I was stopped in my tracks. The girl was killing me. I had to wonder if she was doing this intentionally. My niece retrieved the wine glass then quickly turned catching me in a quasi trance before I was able to recover. She stared at me for a split second, smiled and continued to make her way to the wine rack, grabbing a bottle and commencing to pour. I wasn’t sure if she noticed my hungry stare. My niece stood with me in the kitchen and continued to babble on with her story. Every once in awhile she stopped to catch her breath and sip her wine. I chugged down my beer and while I went to the fridge to get another my niece hopped up on the granite countertop using it as a seat and kicked off her sandals. When I turned around I got an eyeful of crotch. It was obvious she was her mother’s daughter. Neither of them seemed to be into wearing panties. I walked around the island and positioned myself next to my niece. If I would have stayed where I was my niece would have undoubtedly known I was staring at her young pussy. Even standing to the side of my niece was difficult. I was now confronted with her young abundant breasts and all the leg that any man could handle. I swear to God I was just about to place my hand on her bare thigh but fortunately for me her cell phone rang which caused a welcomed distraction. I could tell from the start it was my niece’s mother who was on the line so this gave me an opportunity to change clothes into something less confining and it also gave me a chance to man calm down my horny meat. I returned in basketball shorts. My niece was once again pacing around the kitchen while she talked to her mother. She held up her empty glass to me indicating that she wanted a refill which was the least I could do since my niece unknowingly was providing me with delicious views of her young salacious body. When my niece’s conversation ended with her mother she asked me if she could stay the night. I quickly agreed. What kind of uncle would I be if I let my young niece drive around after she’d been drinking? She asked me for a T-shirt then made her way to the guest bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. I wasn’t sure there were enough towels for my niece. I grabbed some spare towels from the closet and then knocked on the bathroom door. My niece yelled back and told me to throw the towels on the counter. I opened the door. I could see the reflection of my young niece’s wet naked body in the mirror as she stood under the shower. Lucky for me her eyes were closed which allotted me a few extra seconds to admire her beauty. After that view I headed straight to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a shot. My niece reappeared wrapped in a towel and brushing her wet hair. She saw the bottle of whiskey on the table then asked me to pour her a shot which she quickly gulped before heading back to the guest area. A few minutes later she was back attired in my large T-shirt. This time she didn’t ask me to pour her a drink. She grabbed the bottle of wine and her glass then headed to the family room and plopped down on the oversized leather sofa. My niece filled her glass then stretched her legs out on the ottoman. She patted the leather seat cushion next to her playfully begging me to sit down by her side. I shouldn’t have but I did. I asked my niece if her mother was coming over. In the back of my mind I was hoping she was because this girl had gotten me hot and it would have been nice to quell my hunger for pussy by fucking her mother. My niece casually replied telling me that her mother wasn’t coming over and it would just be me and her for the entire evening. It wasn’t what my niece said. It was the smirk on her face and the way she responded. I thought perhaps I misinterpreted her remark but that query was put to rest when my niece’s conversation shifted to an inquiry about the relationship between her mother and me. Naturally my first instinct was to lie however my niece wouldn’t have brought the question up if she already didn’t know the answer. I told my niece straight out that there are times when her mother needed to have sex and who better to fill that desire than someone whom she feels safe with and who also possesses the physical attributes to bring out the woman in her. My niece paused for a moment then rephrased my answer. “So she likes having sex with you because you have a huge cock. Does that sum it up Uncle Leo”? I laughed and my niece laughed but we both knew now exactly where this was heading. Even so I gave my niece one last opportunity to opt out. She answered by climbing to her knees, crossing her arms down in front of her, latching onto the bottom of the T-shirt then pulling it upwards then over her head and finally tossing the T-shirt to the floor. The display of her naked young body was, as you could imagine, breath taking. There was no denying craving to take my young innocent naked niece. My huge shaft immediately began to inflate. My niece caressed her breasts. Her delicate young nipples were stiff as well as fattened. My eyes gazed lower over her flat smooth soft textured stomach. I licked my dry lips. My gaze lowered further until my niece’s flowering hairless pussy garnered my full attention. My niece pushed me back on the couch then she laid her young soft naked body on top of mine. Her bare firm abundant warm breasts flattened against my chest and her hot wetted pussy pressed to my stomach. My niece lowered her head to mine and covered my mouth with hers. My hands went directly to her firm rounded bare ass cheeks. I gently squeezed and with each compression of her young buns I could feel my cock enlarging. Ultimately my huge cock head and part of my thick shaft made its way past the elastic waistband of my shorts and nudged against my niece’s young pristine wet pussy. My niece’s kiss was filled with lustful passion. I responded with the equivalent conviction of our shared desire. There was no reason to hurry the situation. I was going to make sure this night was an everlasting remembrance for my young hot horny naked niece. I pulled my niece further up on my body. I could feel the wet warm trail on my torso left by my niece’s seeping juices. She pushed her upper body away from mine. Her abundant young breasts with their fattened stiff nipples swayed above my mouth. She arched her back then slight lowered. I devoured tip her left young breast. My fingers were positioned on the sides of my niece’s wet swollen vulva and the palms of my hand cupped the meat of her ass. I spread my niece open. Her young wet pristine seeping pussy gulped the cool conditioned air. My niece moaned as I released her left breast then took her right young tit into my aggressively sucking mouth. The oral seduction of my young niece’s abundant breasts lasted until the tenderness became unbearable. I pulled her up further. Her wet seeping swollen pussy slid up my chest and her flowering pink petals kissed the surface of my sweaty flesh all along the way. I lifter niece’s firm rounded ass up slightly then lowered her. My mouth engulfed her fluttering young cunt. “Oh my God…Yes” my young beautiful niece bellowed out in a low sultry tone. Both of her closed fisted hands were filled with my hair as she slowly rocked back and forth. My long tongue entered my young niece’s sweet smelling wet chaste unsullied vaginal passage. Her oozing nectar streamed down my cheeks and over my chin while my tongue tickled the sensitive sheer membrane of her convulsing virginal tube. Every muscle in my niece’s body suddenly grew tense. She was dripping with perspiration. For and instant all her movements halted. Then her hips aggressively and violently thrust forward and back over and over. My young beautiful naked emotional niece screamed out with deafening intensity. “ Uncle Leo”. I swallowed continuously ingesting the sporadic flushing of her heated soothing cream.
* * *
I may have talked about my ex sister-in-law in previous emails and today I she will be the topic of discussion once again. The woman has a lot going for her. She is attractive. She’s very personable and smart but she has two major flaws. Her choice of men and her money management are horrific. I should have been claiming my ex-sister-in-law and her daughter as dependants on my tax return over the years because of the amount of financial support I have to give them. Last night was no different. When I arrived home my ex-sister-in-law’s car was in the driveway. Immediately I saw dollar signs swirling in my head. Once inside I found my ex-sister-in-law was sun bathing topless out on the lanai. I have to admit the woman has a very nice set of tits for her age but I put that thought aside while I braced myself for the cost of her unexpected visit. We greeted and as usual my ex-sister-in-law was sincerely happy to see me. She stood up, gave me a gentle kiss and a warm hug then handed me a cold bottle of beer before sitting back down. I sat in the chair next to her, sipped my beer and waited for her request. My ex-sister-in-law began with some small talk but eventually she got aroundI may have talked about my ex sister-in-law in previous emails and today I she will be the topic of discussion once again. The woman has a lot going for her. She is attractive. She’s very personable and smart but she has two major flaws. Her choice of men and her money management are horrific. I should have been claiming my ex-sister-in-law and her daughter to the reason for her visit. She wanted to know if I would be willing to take her on a cruise for the holiday weekend. I wasn’t expecting this request so I was caught off guard. I sat there admiring my ex-sister-in-law’s tits while I gave her request some thought. In the meantime she was babbling how nice it would be for me to get away for a relaxing weekend but I wasn’t paying attention to a word she said. My mind was wandering. I was thinking how nice it would be to place my cock in between my ex-sister-in-laws abundant breasts. Finally I snapped out of my trance and I agreed to her request. It was quite obvious my ex-sister-in-law knew I wouldn’t refuse. I was informed that she already arranged the trip and her suitcase was in the spare room. My ex-sister-in-law didn’t stop there. She asked for my credit card so she could shop for a few new bathing suits. I had to laugh but again I relented. I definitely was going to make my ex-sister-in-law pay for her deception. I left my giddy ex-sister-in-law to her sun bathing while I went to my bedroom to change into my bathing suit.

We sat and drank. She talked about how wonderful the trip was going to be. Before long the sun sank below the horizon and the lanai was dimly lit by the indoor lights shining through the sliding glass doors. We thought about going out to dinner but instead we relegated ourselves to alcohol and a meat and cheese plate she whipped up. It was inevitable that my ex-sister-in-law and I would eventually succumb to lust so I decided not to delay matters. I removed my swim trunks then ordered her to suck my cock. There wasn’t any hesitation in her response. My ex-sister-in-law positioned her body between my legs and eagerly took my meat into her mouth.

To some the relationship with my ex-sister-in-law may seem a tad amoral however she and I are very alike when it comes to engaging in physical pleasure. We don’t have a problem fulfilling our animalistic urges. She removed my hardening meat from her mouth. Her hand was still roaming along my thick shaft smearing saliva over its surface, looked up at me with spit stringing from her chin and dripping to her abundant tits and told me that her daughter and her daughter’s friend would be joining us on the cruise as well. I’ve got to give my ex-sister-in-law credit. She played her deceptive hand very well. I didn’t say a word. I kicked back, closed my eyes then felt her hot breath warm my saliva coated cock before feeling her wet mouth engulfing the head of my horny hard thick amoral man meat while I immersed myself in fantasies consisting of my ex-sister-in-law, her daughter and her daughter’s friend.

My ex-sister-in-law wasn’t allotted enough time to draw my cream from my huge testicles into her wanting mouth before the interruption of the ringing doorbell .We quickly dressed before the door was opened. My niece and her girlfriend entered dragging their luggage behind them. I guess informing me the girl’s would be arriving a day early conveniently slipped my ex-sister-in-laws mind.

While the girl’s settled into the guest room my ex-sister-in-law and I retired to my bedroom with the intentions of watching a movie. We could hear the cupboard doors opening and closing and the dishes clanging as the girl’s fended for themselves in the kitchen. My ex-sister-in-law’s selection for us to watch was her favorite girl on girl porn. I had no complaints. During the movie my ex-sister-in-law implied that her recent relationships were so bad that she had made a conscious decision to search out females which I found extremely hilarious since we were lying naked in my bed with me behind her and having my cock inserted into her wet hot tight cunt. We weren’t fucking yet. My thick meat was bathing in the swirling juices of her womb. My ex-sister-in-law was consumed with the two women on screen who were deeply engaged in cunnilingus. Naturally my mind was elsewhere. I could hear the splashing sounds of the of my ex-sister-in-law’s daughter and her friend frolicking in the pool so of course I fantasized they were naked which in turn got me energized and my hips began to forward and back. My ex-sister-in-law’s fingers unashamedly stroked her clit. I had to wonder if she was imagining herself with the two girls as I was. That delicious thought caused my thrusts to be more meaningful. Soon enough I had my ex-sister-in-law turned over facing down. I was straddling her hips and furiously driving my thick massive cock into her soaked receptive cunt. Two fingers were probing her hot steamy rectal canal while my large rough right hand was repetitively slapping her rounded ass cheeks. I was riding ex-sister-in-law rough causing her head to hit the wrought iron bars of the headboard. She couldn’t withhold her arousal. She buried her face into the pillow to mute her vocal screams. Warm sticky vaginal cream copiously flowed out of her pulsing impassioned cunt.
* * *
* * *