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I have had many thoughts about my niece since the night I licked her young juicy pussy. It wasn’t the moral issue which consumed my thoughts. The opportunity to see her again unexpectedly occurred last night. My ex sister-in-law and my niece showed up at my doorstep last night. They had happened upon a condo which was for purchase so my ex sister-in-law wanted me to go through her finances to see if she could afford to swing a deal. I humored her. She was already in debt up to her ears and I’ve been helping her to get healthy over the past year. I rummaged through my ex sister-in-laws paperwork while the two grabbed themselves something to drink and headed out to the lanai to lounge. Sitting at the table in the kitchen and looking through the paneless corner window provided me with an excellent view of both as they relaxed in the cushioned lounges. My ex sister-in-law and my niece were each wearing skirts and tank tops although as you can imagine my niece’s attire was much more revealing. Truthfully it didn’t take very long to determine there was no way in hell my ex sister-in-law could afford to purchase the condo but I didn’t break the news to her right away. I cracked open a beer and inconspicuously gawked at my niece’s scrumptious young body. I grabbed a refill then went outside to break the news. I purposely seated myself across from where they were lounging then gave my ex sister-in-law the results. She was disappointed but wasn’t surprised about the findings. My niece went inside and returned with a drink for her and her mother to soothe the pain over the grim news. While they strategized on how to move forward both my niece and my ex sister-in-law’s positioning, unintentional or intentional, provided me an uplifting view. They were made from the same mold. Both were panty less which brought a smile to my face. We talked into the late evening so I suggested they stay overnight. Neither raised an objection. While the girls changed into my T-shirts I started up the outdoor fire pit to rid the air of the humidity. My ex sister-in-law returned alone telling me that my niece decided to call it an evening. She slithered up next to me on my lounge, rested her head on my chest, laid her one leg across both of mine and her heated uncovered pussy pressed against my thigh. My hand palmed her bare ass cheek and I groped while my ex sister-in-law’s hand moved up and down the length of my bulging shorts. During our fondling I saw the figure of my niece making her way from the guest room to the dark formal living room where she curled up on the couch. She had a perfect view of her mother and me as she gazed through the sliding glass door. My niece was not aware that her presence was noticed. She watched as her mother pulled down the front of my shorts. My niece got her first glimpse of my enormous package when she saw her mother tilt my shaft up perpendicular to my torso. Even though I was looking through the glass door into the darkness my niece’s body was illuminated by the moons rays shining through the arched window above the front door. She was now sitting upright stretching her neck for a closer view with both her hands squeezing her young breasts through the T-shirt she was wearing. The voyeuristic interest which my niece was engaged in definitely affected the accelerated erection process. My ex sister-in-law initiated a methodical stroking of my oversized burley thick rigid shaft. I pulled my ex sister-in-law’s T-shirt up to her waist so my niece could also view her mother’s bare ass move back forth as she humped my muscular thigh. I was sure I provided my niece with an unobstructed view of her mother’s shaved pussy as well. Sliding down my body while not missing a stroke my ex sister-in-law positioned her body between my spread legs. My niece approached the sliding glass door then moved to one side so she could get an angled view of my cock entering her mother’s eager mouth. My niece was both bold and brazen. She removed her T-shirt, spread her legs, parted the lips of her young pussy with one hand and used the other to rub her excited clit while watching her mother’s frenzied cock sucking. It was then that my engrossed niece realized that my focus was on her solo seduction. She leaned forward to leave her lip imprint on the glass. My ex sister-in-law worked furiously to slicken my huge hard cock with her saliva in preparation for entry into her craving cunt. The eyes of my niece absorbed every moment of her mother’s meat eating mastery and her hips instinctively rocked back and forth as if she was preparing her young hairless cunt for the acceptance of my massive meat as well. With my shaft well slobbered I grabbed a handful of my ex sister-in-law’s hair and pulled her head up. I watched my shaft glide past her lips during its exit from her saddened mouth. She stood up on the lounge chair, her feet straddling my hips, my hands on her thighs held her steady. My ex sister-in-law’s descent was into a squat position. I held my meat upright and tilted my head sideways to look at the slider. My niece plunged her fingers into her young horny hairless pussy at the same rate with which my huge cock unrepentantly forced its way into her mother’s shaven cunt. My ex sister-in-law slowly elevated then descended. My niece’s finger’s pulled out then plunged in. I was truly stimulated by the sight of mother and daughter fucking cock and fucking fingers with one not knowing and the other knowing. I mercilessly drove my hips upwards greeting my ex sister-in-law’s hips during their descent. The brutality of my massive cock into her cunt was measured by my ex –sister-in-law’s blood curdling scream. My niece was frozen in her tracks. Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped and her pussy lip spreading hand covered and prevented her finger fucking hand from exiting her soaked hairless pussy. She was frightened for her mother. My niece was also experiencing an unnatural and enthralling orgasm at the sight of my huge thick long cock raping her mother’s helpless shaven cunt with ruthless piston like driving thrusts. My niece now stood, her arms outstretched, her hands flat to the glass, her legs spread, her back arched, eyes looking towards the ceiling and her stiff young nipples poking into the glass of the door. The moons rays illuminated the streaming juices flowing down the insides of her thighs. My relentless fucking continued. My ex sister-in-law collapsed downwards at which time I quickly spun her to her back, pushed her knees to the sides of her shoulders and continued my onslaught of her vulnerable shaven soaked cream spurting pussy. My naked niece abruptly ran from sight.

Between me licking my young niece’s hairless pussy and her masturbating while watching me seduce her mother, my niece has found it extremely difficult to contain her sexual urges. By the time I got out of the shower and threw on a robe the following morning my niece and her mother were already sitting in the kitchen clothed in my old T-shirts drinking coffee. Each of them gave me a specific glance. My ex sister-in-law’s look was one of fulfilled appreciation while the look on my niece’s face was one of lusting hunger. I had a gut feeling that this day was going to be interesting. I sat at the table. Neither of them said anything. The thin T-shirts they were wearing couldn’t hide their protruding nipples. I had to wonder if they checked out each other’s defining attributes the way I was doing at that moment. That delicious thought stirred up internal emotions in my loins. I took a deep breath. I could smell the sex scent of both my niece and her mother and I could also match the amorous fragrance with each one respectively. My niece pushed her chair back. As she got up from her seat, my niece forced an intentionally wide spread of her young smooth legs. I accepted the visual invitation. My niece’s hairless young pussy is beautiful. My balls ached for her. She smiled at me knowing that her display had riled my senses then walked towards the coffee pot on the island counter. I didn’t turn my head or my ex sister-in-law would have probably taken notice. My niece returned confidently to her seat. She certainly knows how to effectively use the “power of the pussy”. Coffee wasn’t going to do it for me. I made my way to the bar and pulled all the ingredients for a batch of Bloody Mary’s and proceeded to mix up a pitcher. My ex sister-in-law was kind enough to help with a slight deviation. She stepped behind the bar next to me, slid her hand into my robe and while I mixed the ingredients she caressed and energized my manhood. When we returned to the kitchen table to rejoin my niece my shaft was slightly stiff which meant it was tenting my robe and clearly noticeable. I was surprised my ex sister-in-law fondled me knowing full well that upon our return there would be a good chance that her daughter might become aware of my arousal. I personally didn’t care but I did find her actions unusual. Then it happened. When I sat back down my robe opened. My oversized manhood was revealed. From across the table my outing was blocked from my ex sister-in-law’s view but my niece, who was seated next to me, had an unobstructed display of wide girth and very lengthy man meat and she gave it thorough examination. She brazenly reached over, grabbed my man meat and shook it side to side and up and down a few times before relinquishing her grip. My shaft gained more rigidity. I adjusted the robe over my meaty organ to conceal it once again. There was no way I could have stood up. If I did my semi-rigid shaft absolutely could not be contained under the robe. My ex sister-in-law left the table, snatched up a magazine, then grabbed her Bloody Mary and suggested we go out to the lanai. The request seemed suspicious. I resisted at first but she was quite adamant. My niece was busy reading something on her iphone so I gathered up my drink and as I stood my robe parted leaving my cock on display. Just as that happened my ex sister-in-law turned her back towards me to open the door. My niece, whom I thought was distracted, took notice. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and licked her lips. I covered up then joined my ex sister-in-law out on the lanai. I seated myself so I could see my niece who was still sitting at the kitchen table fooling with her phone. Her one leg was now over hanging the arm of the chair which from my point of view left nothing to the imagination. Whatever it was that my ex sister-in-law had on her mind I knew it couldn’t be good and I expected the worst which of course was that she found out about the cunnilingus liaison I had with her daughter. I braced myself for a blowout. Instead what I got was a request. My ex sister-in-law wanted to know if she and her daughter could move in with me so she could save up some money for a down payment on a condo. I was relieved in one sense but somewhat alarmed in another. My ex sister-in-law explained that she knew it would be a great inconvenience, especially knowing how I conduct my personal life, but she was positive they could live there with me and with a few minor adjustments to limit the invasion of my privacy. I definitely lost my rigidity during this conversation. I happened to glance towards the kitchen at my pussy displaying niece while I mulled over her request. There would be some real positives to the arrangement I was thinking. On the other hand it could all end very badly. There really wasn’t an option. I think we all knew I couldn’t refuse. My ex sister-in-law waived to my niece in the kitchen and it suddenly dawned on me that they were both in on this from the beginning. Boy was I played! I had to laugh and congratulate both of them on their gamesmanship. They hugged and kissed me professing that I wouldn’t regret my decision. One thing they didn’t convey to me was that all their stuff was already in storage waiting for a call for it to be trucked over. My ex sister-in-law scurried away to get dressed so she could get the ball rolling. My niece on the other hand plopped her young fine ass down in the lounge across from me, picked up the magazine on the small table next to her and indulged in some Hollywood gossip reading while she waited for her mother’s departure. I sat patiently, sipping on my drink, wondering what the future held for the three of us as roommates. It didn’t take long to find out. Within a half hour my ex sister-in-law was out the door. Ten minutes later I had my young niece lying naked on her back crossways on my bed. I was naked as well standing with her legs positioned to the outsides of my thighs. My long thick cock was hanging down between my parted legs. I squeezed oil from the tube all over my niece’s hairless swollen pussy as well as over my thick long shaft and huge cock head. My niece’s arms were to her side and her hands were clutching the blanket as she braced herself for what she believed to be a painful insertion of my magnificent member into her vulnerable cunt. I put my hands on the backs of her smooth thighs just above the bends of her knees and pushed her legs apart and forward. My preparing niece closed her eyes. I ordered my niece to replace my hands with hers so she could hold her trembling legs in place. It would take two hands for me to infiltrate my young niece’s innocent fragile oiled pussy. I didn’t immediately attempt to venture into my niece’s juicy canal. First I caressed her vulva then her clit before running my finger up and down along the pink juicy oiled meat just inside her swollen folds. My niece’s moans and groans transmitted her pleasure. Her pink petals fluttered and her anal mouth puckered. Both horny orifices of my young niece now possessed a craving hunger. It was the index finger of my right hand which invaded first. I gently pushed it into her rectum. It was tight and hot. Probing deeper into her canal, expanding her rectal throat coerced an exodus of aromatic ass. I buried my finger then twisted and turned it. My young niece howled, kicked her legs and clenched her cheeks. At a steady pace I fingered my young niece’s unspoiled tight posterior tube. During the blissful digital delighting of my niece’s hot tight fragranced passage my left hand was busy stroking my massive meat to the proper stiffness. I pulled my finger out from my niece’s ass to the groans of her displeasure. Her body flinched when I pried open her chaste hairless cunt. The girth of my huge cock head was three times the gape of her parted pussy. I nudged my meaty head to her pink juicy oiled fluttering petals which sealed her opening. Without visual verification my young shivering niece could feel the mismatch of her frothing organ to that of my largess. Her survival instincts kicked in and she pleaded with me to stop. Her pleas passed my ears with disregard. My full weight teetered forward. My niece’s elasticity expanded and her groans turned to strained grunts. Only half my cock head had forged past her stretched entrance. I teetered further forward. My young niece’s strained grunts progressed to sporadic whimpering outbursts. My huge cunt expanding cock head was three quarters in. My young niece wailed and cried. She pulled her knees tight to her chest. My penile position and angle were frozen as I leaned my upper torso forward. I broke the grip my niece had maintained on her legs which caused them to straddle my head and to rest against my shoulders. I reached around my niece’s propped legs. My hands grasped her neck. My niece’s hands gripped my wrists. She stared into my determined eyes and I stared into her frightened eyes. It was only for moments that we were still but to my young inexperienced scared niece it seemed like hours. I provided a powerful forward and down impaling thrust!
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On June 13th, 2011 01:48 am (UTC), penny4ur_thots commented:
Ah sweet - part 2! :)
I love this.
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